Hitchcock, Robyn / Andy Partridge - Planet England 10” vinyl EP

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As a very long time fan of both of these gents, I was very thrilled to see them collaborate. It’s an obvious but also not SO obvious teamup!

"A veritable Clash of the Titans of English Pop music… a musical meeting of minds to rival King Kong Vs. Godzilla but, sadly, with no Ishirō Honda to chronicle an event of such magnitude and, with both participants being English, the actual meeting was less the cause of earthquakes and tsunamis, more a case of...Tea and a chat, followed by some – typically for both - fine pop song writing, recording, mixing, a celebratory glass of wine and a trip to a restaurant for a curry and a pint of beer... all traditions as English in their longevity as the day they arrived on these shores from somewhere else...”

“Andy and I are the same age and suffer from the same record collection, especially the B’s: Barrett, Beatles, Beefheart. He’s a Scorpio and I’m Pisces, so we’re the same astrological team as Richard Burton and Liz Taylor, except neither of us is Welsh, sadly.”-Robyn

"Robyn's fierce inventiveness is a joy to work with. Like bathing in the sparks from some surreal angle grinder."–Andy
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