Hocevar, Dre - Transcendental Within The Sphere Of Indivisible Remainder

Sam Pluta live electronics, signal processing Aaron Larson Tevis trumpet Bryan Qu saxophone
Mette Rasmussen saxophone
Jeremy Corren piano
Zack Clarke synthesizer
Lester St. Louis cello
Henry Fraser bass
Dre Hocevar drums, interaction

"Voice of a new generation — what is anticipated by the listeners today? When one begins a personal voyage incited by the title “Transcendental Within the Sphere of Indivisible Remainder,” the first impressions may deceive. Composer and performer Dre Hocevar meets us with an evocative opening; once the electronics engulf his multidimensional percussive work, we can sense that there’s something unique reaching our minds. As a matter of course, it’s not the first time that jazz includes electronic instruments, however, only on a few occasions, the designation “electro-acoustic jazz” appeared so appropriate to refer to what is transpiring here. Music conceived within the depths of every moment — an investigatory attitude and a child-like capacity to marvel, render the framework for copious sonic installations. The result: near to 50 minutes of an immersive dreamscape that will alter your sense of reality."
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