Hodgkinson Group, Colin - Backdoor Too!

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"Back Door was a band formed by Colin Hodgkinson, Tony Hicks and Ron Aspery in 1969. It featured a revolutionary line up of Bass, Saxophone and drums playing a fusion of Jazz and Blues. The band made 4 albums between 1969 and 1975, during which time they toured extensively in the USA and Europe until breaking up in 1975. They reformed briefly in 2003 to record a fifth album "Askin' The Way" and undertake a short tour. Sadly Tony and Ron are no longer with us but Rod Mason on Saxophone and Paul Robinson, who has played with amongst others Brian May and Paul McCartney, on drums, have adequately filled their places. Some of the material featured on this album was written with Ron Aspery before his death. Enjoy the new album by The Colin Hodgkinson Band because this is Back Door Too!"
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