Hollow Earth - Out Of Atlantis

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Very excellent keyboard trio retro-prog from Sweden. Listen my children and you will hear the work of
Cristobal Nemo : B3 and L100 Hammond Organs, Wurlitzer Piano, Grand Piano, Mellotron, Modular Synthesizer, Ribbon Synthesizer, Spinet, Vibraphone, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Percussion & Vocals
Don Pharoah : Bass Guitar & Vocals
Rod Handel : Drums, Tambourine
This is psychedelic infused progressive rock that channels the heritage of 1970-era Pink Floyd mixed with the Hammond work of Jon Lord with early Deep Purple; they are aiming for and hitting the UK 1970/71 'proto-prog sound - a pretty good place to be!

“There's a salty tang in the air of early British Progressive rock, some King Crimson perhaps, some Spring, some Canterbury. The organ and strings, and the at times slightly sinister mood, remind me a little of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown…”-Daniel Dellamorte, music historian
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