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One of the most enigmatic bands of the UK art-punk UK scene, The Homosexuals carved a subterranean legend that far exceeded their discography of self released 45s and the posthumous release of The Homosexuals Record as a Recommended Records lp in 1984. Noted rock critic Richard Mason listed Walk before Imitate" as one of his top ten punk songs of all time (#3). Underground chronicler Johan Kugelberg sang the bands praises with his canonically authoritative top one hundred D.I.Y. punk singles of all time article in Ugly Things #16, giving their singles four of the top twenty slots. Now, for the first time, UK experimental label ReR Megacorp in conjunction with Morphius Archives are happy to present the entire Homosexuals discography on one CD, including an audiophile restoral of the original 1984 ReR release The Homosexuals Record plus 5 extra tracks. Detailed liner notes from three members of the band as well as UK and U.S. journalists chronicle their brief but brilliant artistic accomplishments, creating what is the most comprehensive, thoughtful, and artistically whole document of The Homosexuals seminal sound and style."

"This is probably the most "punk" thing ReR ever was affiliated with. If you're into early new wave/post punk like the Fast Product label released back in the day, then this is for you. These guys were a bit artier than the Fast Product scene, alot weirder too, but still managed to write some really infectious tunes. Straight up good music and good times!" - Simon/Wayside Mailorder Slave

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