Homunculus Res - Andiamo In Giro Di Notte e Ci Consumiamo Nel Fuoco CD (mini-lp sleeve)

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Always nice to see bands from AltrOck / Fading finding new homes!

“Homunculus Res was born in 2010 from the artistic union between Dario D'Alessandro - author of the band's music, lyrics and illustrations - and brothers Di Giovanni, with the precise aim to play with uncommon signatures and oblique arrangements, drawing inspiration from the so-called Canterbury scene sound, the Rock In Opposition movement and baroque psychedelic pop, to arrive at a form of melodic, light and ironic jazz-rock.
The important contribution of Not A Good Sign's keyboard player Paolo Botta, who mixed and co-produced the band's records, was fundamental in the group's artistic growth. From the second album "Come si diventa ciò che si era" (How to become what you were, 2015) the band has also begun to collaborate with various prog-rock musicians, including David Newhouse (Muffins), Aldo De Scalzi (Picchio dal Pozzo), Steve Kretzmer (Rascal Reporters), Regal Worm, the French Alco Frisbass, Wyatt Moss-Wellington, Lorenzo and Tommaso Leddi (Stormy Six, Mamma non piangere), Rocco Lomonaco (Breznev Fun Club), Luciano Margorani (LA1919) and Petter Herbertsson (Testbild!).
Homunculus Res discography has a strong symbolic, philosophical and psychological component: the first was dedicated to the earth/death combination, the second to water/disease, the third to air/dream and the fourth, this new chapter released by AMS Records, to fire/consumerism. They describe the birth, growth, development, vices and fears of the homunculus, a parody of man.
"Andiamo in giro..." (We wander at night and consume ourselves in the fire) comes from a anonymous medieval palindrome riddle, which was used by French director and writer Guy Debord to metaphorically describe the consumer society in which we are immersed today, in a way that's increasingly exacerbate and bound to the mere external aspect of things. The music of the record is more essential and direct than before, and all the songs contain more or less explicit references to fire, light, heat, electricity, as well as numerous metaphors, subliminal messages, mystical and dark presences, and many other details that make this work layered and complex. "Andiamo in giro..." is therefore a further of a band that claims their uniqueness in the whole world of international progressive rock.”
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