Homunculus Res - Della Stessa Sostanza Dei Sogni CD

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Dario D'Alessandro / guitar (R), voice, keyboards, bass (5)
Davide Di Giovanni / piano, organ, synth, acoustic guitar (9)
Daniele Di Giovanni / drums, percussions
Mauro Turdo / guitar (L)
Daniele Crisci / bass
Dave Newhouse (The Muffins, Rascal Reporters) / saxophones, clarinets, flute (1,2,5,9,12)
Luciano Margorani (LA1919, NichelOdeon) / guitar (5,10)
Tommaso Leddi (Stormy Six) / mandolin (5), trombone (10)
Rocco Lomonaco (Breznev Fun Club) / winds orchestration (3), guitars and bass (11)
Petter Herbertsson (Testbild!) / rhodes, keyboards, vibraphone, bass (final part) (6)
Lorenzo Leddi (Mamma Non Piangere, Ensemble HavadiĆ ) / guitar (7)
Giuseppe Turdo / oboe, french horn, english horn (3,12)
Giorgio Trombino (Furious Gorgie) / alto sax (1,8), voice (5)
Paolo Botta (Ske, Yugen, Not A Good Sign) / synthesizers, hammond, wurlitzer (1,4,5,9,10)
Dario Lo Cicero / flutes (3,7), chamois horn (12)
Alessandra Oria Bollino / voice (7)
Valerio Mirone (Utveggi) / voice (2)
Sara Zerilli / voice (12)
Pivio / electronics and samples (5)
Giovanni Rotondi / clarinets (11)
Marco Monterosso / whistle (9)

"The third full-length album release from these creative artists from Palermo reveal a band that continues to grow and experiment though their sound and style while remaining as refreshingly quirky, humorous, and Canterburian as ever. The songs are far more complex, far more avant on some layers, while, gratefully, maintaining the light, even humorous approach to rendering music. I even feel somewhere in my gut that there has been a slight return to the loose, enjoyable spirit that was so prominent and prevalent throughout their 2013 debut, one of my top five favorite albums of all-time.
Five stars; a masterpiece of progressive rock music in the Canterbury style. Not as amazing or ground-breaking as their debut, but I do like this one better than their sophomore release--which left me kind of flat."-progarchives
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