Homunculus Res - Limiti All'Eguagliazna Della Parte Con Il Tutto CD

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"Debut album for the Homunculus Res from Palermo, Italy for AltrOck. What characterizes the composition of this new band are the evident Canterburian roots, clearly related to the ironic style and to the typical references of the only Italian group that can be regarded as fully belonging to the "Canterbury Sound" in the 70s: Picchio dal Pozzo.

Ideal modern successors of that legendary group, Homunculus Res can be appreciated especially for their creativity and originality, in a contemporary music panorama in which it’s very rare to find episodes linked with the fascinating and extraordinary Canterbury scene. Features guest member Paolo "Ske" Botta on keyboards!"
  • LabelAltrOck
  • UPCALT-035
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