Hooffoot - Hooffoot

Hooffot is:
Par Hallgren: bass
Jacob Hamilton: drums & percussion
Joakim Jonsson: guitar
Mikael Odesjo: guitar
Bengt Wahlgren: Rhodes piano, synth, Hammond organ
Ola Eriksson: synth, Hammond organ
Gustaf Sornmo: trumpet
Ida Hallgren: baritone saxophone

Really great release, featuring two side-long tracks. The band mix progressive rock with jazz/rock and come up with a real serious winner on this one. Hugely recommended.

"Santana loved Miles. Magma loved Coltrane. Soft Machine loved pop. Pink Floyd loved Soft Machine. Weather Report loved African grooves. The Italian progressive bands loved classical music. Return to Forever loved Brazilian stuff. Frank Zappa loved Black Sabbath. Hooffoot love them all. Forget about labels like 'rock', 'jazz', 'progressive' and 'kraut'. Who cares? Only conform to non-conformity!"
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