Hooffoot - The Light In The Aisle Will Guide You

Pär Hallgren – bass
Jacob Hamilton - drums and percussion
Jocke Jönsson – guitars
Bengt Wahlgren - keyboards
guest appearances by:
Samuel Lundström – violin
Johannes Tärk – percussion
Ida Karlsson – saxophone
Göran Abelli – trombone
Gustaf Sörnmo – trumpet

The second release from this excellent Swedish outfit with very strong keyboard work and much more tasty bits.
They mix progressive rock and jazz/rock and come up with a second winner in a row. Highly recommended.

"Santana loved Miles. Magma loved Coltrane. Soft Machine loved pop. Pink Floyd loved Soft Machine. Weather Report loved African grooves. The Italian progressive bands loved classical music. Return to Forever loved Brazilian stuff. Frank Zappa loved Black Sabbath. Hooffoot love them all.”

“This album is intended to be your guiding light through days of darkness. The second album by Swedish progressive jazzrockers HOOFFOOT mixes spontaneity with carefully crafted themes and the music falls into place as natural and prophetic as the album title; “THE LIGHTS IN THE AISLE WILL GUIDE YOU”. Although not a concept album as such, maybe the four instrumental compositions on this album are all about navigating a world in flux? There is definitely a sense of constant change and movement in the music.
HOOFFOOT, from Sweden, released their debut album in 2015. It was voted album of the year in both Greek and German reviewer forums covering progressive rock. On the follow up you will recognize the eclectic blend of folk/jazz/prog but you will hear the musicians stepping up to the next level, sweating more and taking more chances. The band is now a tight quartet but still manages to sound larger than on the debut. The soundscape is further expanded by the invited artists contributing percussion, violin, saxophone and trumpet.”
  • LabelPara Di Niente
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