Hopper / Dean / Tippett / Gallivan - Cruel But Fair

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The 1st & I think by far the best of two by this fusion/free jazz supergroup, with Hugh Hopper-bass, Elton Dean-alto & saxello, Keith Tippett-piano, electric piano & Joe Gallivan-drums, drum synths.
Somehow I managed to see these guys when I went to London in 1977 and seeing these early heroes of mine was something I nearly could not have imagined ever happening!
This combines Canterbury-ish jazz rock with the more outward bound stylings of Elton & Keith. This has been out of print for many years and makes a welcome reappearance here!

"Originally released in 1976, it was originally released when Soft Machine was running out of puff (or was heading that way) and after bassist Hopper's involvement with Isotope had wound down.
Tippett's presence, as always since his first high-profile appearance on King Crimson's Lizard, lifts the production to a very high level, and provides a more conventional, albeit lateral thinking, keyboard basis for the group's sound. Ex-Soft Machine member Dean's saxophones are lush and lyrical. Much of the music lies close to early Weather Report in style and textures. The music hots up gradually and gets extremely powerful in places with sensational rhythmic drive. There are some excellent seemingly free-form interplays between electric piano and drums and sax and synth, provided by the drummer, Gallivan, rather than Tippett. Two or three tracks are really wild, some of my all-time favourite jazz fusion efforts.
A great record for lovers of experimental jazz who aren't blind to the possibilities of synthesiser in jazz."-A Dutkiewicz
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