Hopper, Hugh / Kramer - A Remark Hugh Made CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Hugh Hopper / electric, fuzz & piccolo basses
Mark Kramer / piano, organ, Mellotron, tape, electric & slide guitars, percussion, bass (3), vocals
Randolph A. Hudson III / guitar solos
Gary Windo / tenor saxophone, vocals
Bill Bacon / drums, cymbal, percussion
Robert Wyatt / vocals and lyrics (1)

“An inessential but accomplished collaboration that slightly updates the Robert Wyatt/Hugh Hopper-era Soft Machine sound with some '90s New York downtown influences.
Intelligent progressive rock doesn't have much of an audience these days, so the record, though thoughtfully executed, is probably doomed to obscurity even by Kramer's standards.
Robert Wyatt fans will be interested to note his presence on "Free Will & Testament," for which he sings and writes the lyrics.”-Ritchie Unterberger / AllMusic

“A Remark Hugh Made is by turns forceful and dreamily atmospheric. Onetime Hopper bandmate Robert Wyatt makes a vocal cameo on “Free Will & Testament”; Gary Windo’s tenor saxophone playing is among the final recordings he made before his death in 1993.”-Trouser Press

“I am what you might term a Hugh Hopper fanatic. All predisposed biases aside, this is one of the most honest, versatile, avant-garde pop oriented albums Hugh did in the 1990's. Not quite as intense as Hughscore, but equal to, if not surpassing, his loop tape moves on other recordings or his all around creativity. I hear more subdued commentary on American rural culture more so than of urban culture with this record.
I could break this down track by track, but I would rather you be the judge. Hugh Hopper peaked musically and as a writer during this record on through the rest of the century. If you are a collector, this is a must!”-Carl Johnson
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