Hopper, Hugh - Monster Band (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This puppy was Hugh's third solo album, originally released around 1978, and a really hard one to find. I remember being thrilled when I scored a copy in London in 1979. One side is solo multi-tracked basses, recorded at home, while the other was live with band (Elton Dean-saxes, Mike Travis-drums, Jean-Pierre Carolfi-keyboards, and Jean-Pierre Weiller-bass; so two basses!) in Bordeaux, France, 3/20/74.
This is very much a 'home-made' album; the home recordings are very cool, but they include a metronome click track (so, obviously, they were never meant for a general airing, but were Hugh's means of preserving his ideas for later fleshing out), while the live side is of 'just' 'good bootleg' quality.
There's some really nice moments on here, especially the multi-tracked bass demos, but this is by no means essential, imo. Having said that, if you are a Hoppertunist, then you very well may need this, caveats and all.
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