Hopper, Hugh / Phil Miller - Volume 5 : Heart To Heart

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This is the fifth of a ten part series compiled by Mike King. He's enlisted Hugh's personal archive, as well as the archives of friends of Hugh's. Mike says, "I've been tasked with compiling a series of CD releases celebrating the life and legacy of the late Hugh Hopper and the process has been an education in his kaleidoscopic musical world. From Hugh's private archive, and additional contributions from his friends (most especially Aymeric) I have selected a wide range of high quality concert and studio recordings, none of which have ever been released nor heard publicly. You're in for a treat."

This is one of the great ones in the series. It's a live studio recording of intimate duets between Hugh and Phil, both truly great and unique musicians. There are three improvisations, as well as Hugh's Miniluv and Phil's Calyx.

"I had the pleasure of playing with Hugh Hopper first in 1986 as a member of my band In Cahoots...His approach was straightforward; put the music first and make space for others to play in. Hugh had a keen, intuitive sense of the shape and dynamics of the music being played and was a very good listener indeed. When improvising with him, you got an open and positive feeling; you knew he'd make the best of what you were trying to do...When he invited me to do this duet it was a singular, special event. He brought along his Line 6 pedal with which he was able to re-create in the studio the soundscapes that reminded me of his home studio experiments with tape loops, echoes and delays, his side dish since the early sixties...."-Phil Miller
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