Hopper, Hugh / Soft Machine - Volume 9 : Anatomy Of A Facelift CD

This is the ninth of a ten part series compiled by the late Mike King. This is five edited versions of Facelift, performed by Soft Machine, presented in varying sonic quality (although all are at least decently listenable for insane fans, said the insane fan). They are hard edited to play into each other.
1. Hugh's preface, 3/3/07 (great to hear HH's droll voice) 1:24
2. Le Bataclan, Paris 6/25/69 5:28
3. Actuel Fest, Amougies, Belgium 10/28/69 10:28
4. Fairfield Hall, Croydon 1/4/70 18:52
5. Hovikodden, Norway 2/28/71 11:53
6. Breda, Holland 3/21/71 10:05

The most interesting for the folks who have never heard it (and the best recording) is track #4, which is the original tape from where most of Facelift on Third comes from, without the inserts that were edited in from a show some days later, but it's still heavily edited, removing quite a bit of Lyn's (admittedly way too long) solo. Also nice to hear the very early show from 6/69 and the Amougies show.

Well, Mike's gone and I can't question what he did, because there's no one to ask. This is a odd one in the series, and it is the most peculiarly edited in the series, but since it's Hugh and since it's Facelift and since it's Soft Machine....
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