Horse Lords - Interventions

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One of the very best things I saw in 2014 was Baltimore's Horselords. It's hard to describe, but think of Beefheart guitars and drums with Steve Reichian & Terry Rileyian ideas and structures and that gives you a little bit of the sound. You could also imagine a less note-flinging version of Upsilon Acrux and you wouldn't be that far off the path either.

In any event and any reality, this, their third album, is a great, great achievement and comes highly recommended to fans of out avant-progressive.

"West African rhythms collide with just intonation guitars, art-fire saxophone, minimalist grooves, and collaged zapdowns on Interventions, the powerful third full-length from Baltimore’s Horse Lords. The band’s Northern Spy debut is also the first Horse Lords album to explore the classic studio-as-weaponry strategies of yore, mapping the quartet’s raw Baltimore lightning onto the experimental musique concrète territory surveyed by elder heads like Faust and This Heat.

Playing custom electric guitars and basses, the band’s rolling polyrhythms chime with the strange and distinct harmonies of just intonation inspired by the master La Monte Young and other heroes.

Part of the newest wave of smarty-arty-weirdos playing DIY spaces and tea houses and college campuses, Horse Lords’ soaring heaviness achieves a true poise that seems equally primed to make the leap to concert halls and festivals."
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