Horse Lords - The Common Task

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This is the fourth album by this extra-ordinary Baltimore band. As I have said before, it's hard to describe, but think of Beefheart guitars and drums with microtones and Steve Reichian & Terry Rileyian ideas and structures and that gives you a little bit of the sound.
You could also imagine a less note-flinging version of Upsilon Acrux and you wouldn't be that far off the path either. This album will either give you a headache or an orgasm.

“Horse Lords make music for the liberation of mind and body. The Baltimore quartet's new album The Common Task points to a utopian, modernist ideal, recalling as diverse a cohort as The Ex and Glenn Branca to raucous Saharan guitar music, Albert Ayler, and James Tenney. As evidenced by the album’s title, as well as songs like “Fanfare for Effective Freedom” and “People’s Park,” the band’s penchant for radical politics is especially accentuated on this release.
Horse Lords are the Pied Piper of experimental music and radical thought. Their music is unabashedly fun, and experiencing it in a live context is an experience of collective ecstasy, each body moving to its own notion of what the beat may be. By showing just how joyous it can be to imagine new futures and possibilities, by making us dance and howl with each tectonic shift, they show how dazzling the path towards utopia could be.”
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