Hostsonaten - Autumnsymphony (mini-lp sleeve)

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Fabio Zuffanti is one of the most creative and also most busy of the younger Italian musicians who is creating new music with a foot in 'classic style progressive rock'. I thought that this was really astonishingly good; for whatever reason, it doesn't sound like it is trying particularly hard to sound 'classic', even though fans of classic progressive Italian rock will love it, and there are wonderful jazz and classical touches that are completely unexpected (such as gorgeous trumpet solos). Fabio's done a number of fine works, but this one is maybe his best yet. Highly recommended and to a wider range of tastes than you might expect!

"Hostsonaten is one of the many Fabio Zuffanti projects. Fabio is one of the most creative and active Italian musician of the last 15 years, band leader in groups such as Finisterre, Maschera Di Cera, Quadraphonic, laZona, Aries and with a solo career under his name. Zuffanti give life to Hostsonaten in 1996 becoming the leader and only composer with the aid of many musicians friends. Hostsonaten's music is inspired manly by nordic prog rock style with jazzy, folk, ethnic, and classical flavours. After the first two albums in 1996 and 1998 Fabio decided to create a large project in four albums: a 'musical painting' in four movements dedicated to the four seasons. The title of the whole opera is 'Sesasoncycle Suite' and, at this moment, part IV (Springsong, 2002. Reprinted in a new version in 2009) and part III (Winterthrough, 2008), dedicated to spring and winter, has been published. Hostsonaten's albums has reach a great critical and selling success in the whole world. After the historical Italian bands of the '70s Zuffanti is the most important and well-know italian prog artist of the new italian progressive scene. Autumnsymphony continue his trip through the seasons representing the 2nd part of the 'Sesasoncycle Suite'. In that album the melancholic feeling, that will reach his top on the winter chapter, give life to many moments of pure musical poetry. The music seems often like a lost soundtrack of some Andreij Tarkowskij' movie, a very important director and one of the greatest inspiration for Fabio's music and life. The jazzy influences (mainly british jazz, the one of groups such as Nucleus), more evident in this album, are unite with a chamber music mood. The acoustic instruments (violas, violins, cello, trumpet, double bass, etc...) is often supported by a rock rhythm section with great mellotron and moog sounds."

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