Hostsonaten - Springsong (expanded / remixed / remaster) (mini-lp sleeve)

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This offshoot of Finisterre features composer/leader Fabio Zuffanti plus current and former members of Finisterre, as well as other musicians to create this airy and beautiful progressive work. Musicians perform on flute, violin, piano, 12 string guitar, organ/mellotron/moog, bass and drums (drums appear very infrequently on this album). The press compares it to Anthony Phillips' The Geese and the Ghost, and that's not a bad comparison at all; quite acoustically based, with some electricity and generally pastoral, with the occasional 'bite'. This comes in a lovely package that includes some beautiful paintings. This new, remixed, remastered edition also includes a 13 minute suite as a bonus track!

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  • LabelVinyl Magic
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