Hostsonaten - Winterthrough CD (mini-lp sleeve)

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This is the fourth album by the group led by Maschera di Cera and Finisterre leader Fabio Zuffanti and the third of four albums celebrating the four seasons of the year. As you might expect from an album celebrating winter, the music has a bit of a darker, melancholic edge, while never actually getting really 'dark' and it's a nice 'progressive rock' work from someone who seems to be behind an awful lot of the best of the new Italian progressive releases today!

"Winterthrough is the 3rd section of SeasonCycle Suite, a musical celebration in four movements of seasons' power, and features a long instrumental suite of nearly 46 minutes, divided in several movements. The musicians involved in the project are mainly coming from Finisterre and Maschera Di Cera and are Fabio Zuffanti, Alessandro Corvaglia, Maurizio Di Tollo, Edmondo Romano, Roberto Vigo and Matteo Nahum. To make a long story short, we are not afraid to say that this one of the best records coming from Fabio’s immense talent. Marvellous symphonic movements, highly influenced by the top notch instrumentals of Italian seventies bands, sometimes dreamy and pastoral, sometimes epic, but always highly emotional. And what a Mellotron!! This is Italian prog as we love it, a must-have for lovers of Finisterre and Maschera Di Cera but also a great way to get into Fabio Zuffanti’s music."
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