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Hurdy Gurdy were founded in Denmark in 1967, although their one and only album was not recorded until 1971 and released in 1972. So it isn’t surprising that this period piece, minor hard rock classic contains heavy blues rock influences as well as strong whiffs of the psychedelic era. They were led by the great guitarist Claus Bohling, not too long later to join up in the great Danish fusion band Secret Oyster.

“This lone S/T album by the Danish band Hurdy Gurdy is a very good mix of heavy psych and blues rock. The album is dominated by a strong lead guitar from the start to the finish. "Peaceful Open Spaces" differs a lot from the rest of the material on the album. It's a killer raga rock track and it fits to the middle part of this record quite nicely. The rest of the songs are either heavy psych or blues rock oriented stuff.
Hurdy Gurdy succeeded very well with this only album of theirs. Highly recommended for the fans of heavy psych and guitar driven blues rock. I would never rate this disc with five stars but it's definitely a great album full of strong material.”-rateyourmusic
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