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"This came out of nowhere and was one of the top archival releases of 2016...but it flew under everyone's radar.
Jan Huydts is a Dutch keyboardist and long standing fixture in the jazz scene there. He was involved in many projects and had recording with his trio...but this one was never released. In this incarnation, the Jan Huydts Trio consisted of:
Jan Huydts (electric piano, organ, bass guitar, zither, grand piano, percussion, voice)
Leo De Ruiter (drums, percussion, tabla, saw, acoustic guitar, voice)
Ali Haurand (double bass, sounds, percussion, voice)
As you can see from the instrumentation its rather eclectic and perhaps that's why it was never released. The session was recorded in Germany on May 12, 1971 and sounds like a long lost recording for MPS or Japo. The album consists of 2 side long tracks. While a touch experimental, its completely coherent and showcases Huydts abilities on electric piano and organ. Percussive sounds are flying all over the place. Kosmigroov meets the undergound. Definitely has a Germanic feel - not Dutch but that's what it is. Its wild but in a good "I can't believe I'm hearing this for the first time" way.
This was taken from the original analogue tapes and the label is clear in pointing out that it never touched the digital format in mastering.
The hype sticker is correct and a bit funny. "Unheard and Unknown Kraut-Jazz". "If released in the seventies this would be on your want list now!" Both comments are right on the mark.
Buy it now or wait a few years for it to go out of print and prices will skyrocket. This one is unbelievable."-Ken Golden
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