Ibliss - Supernova

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First-time available on CD for this instrumental progressive/jazz-rock German quintet with Kraftwerk connections, of all things. I remember seeing this in the record shops, but I must admit that this is the first time I ever got to hear it - and it's good!

Ibliss were founded in the Rhineland area in 1971. The band played instrumental progressive jazz-rock, heavy on percussions. With their sound they are comparable to Embryo, Brainstorm, Xhol, or Thirsty Moon. Two of the band's more known names are Andreas Hohmann and Basil Hammoudi. The former was on drums on Kraftwerk's first LP. The latter did the percussion on the only LP of Kraftwerk's predecessor Organisation. Ibliss released only one LP called "Supernova". It was recorded with Conny Plank in 1972, and then released in a small edition on Aamok, a sublabel of Spiegelei."

"Borne out of the confused Kraftwerk history, and taken under the wing of Conny Plank, Ibliss were one of the most remarkable one album wonders. Featuring Basil Hammoudi (from Organisation) and Andreas Hohmann (one of the two drummers on the first Kraftwerk album) augmenting a trio of no less talent, Ibliss created a logical jazz-fusion diversion on the Organisation sound, heavily featuring flutes, saxes and an overdose of percussion. All this in a typically Teutonic cosmic concoction, kinda Kraftwerk meets Miles Davis and ROCKSESSION era Embryo, and also hinting at the later Kollektiv. It's a great shame they only released the one album!"-The Crack in the Cosmic Egg Rainer Buechel (saxes, flutes), Wolfgang Buellmeyer (guitars, percussion), Norbert Buellmeyer (bass, percussion), Andreas Hohmann (drums, percussion), Basil Hammoudi (percussion, flutes)
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