Iceberg - Arc-En-Ciel

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Iceberg were the premier fusion outfit from Spain during the 1970's. They released five albums between 1975-1978, of which this 1978 release is their 5th and final. All good things come to an end, and the band went out on a high note; while I probably like their 2nd album the best, this is still an excellent work. Pretty stunningly good instrumental fusion with dueling work from Joaquim "Max" Sunyer (aka Max Sune) on guitars and Josep "Kitflus" Mas on piano, electric piano and synths. The rhythm section of Primi Sacho (electric bass) and Jordi Colomer (drums) don't shock and amaze, but they do a good job and provide a solid base for the hurtling balls of flame laid on top of their work! In addition to the straight forward Spanish influences, there are nice hints of Spanish and Iberian folk music, giving them a most distinctive sound, and one that was not only rooted in Return To Forever, Mahavishnu, etc. Mas has that great FAT Moog sound down and the entire band cooks and smokes. If you like this style of music, their work comes highly recommended!
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