Icebreaker/Philip Glass - Music with Changing Parts

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The 13 piece contemporary music ensemble Icebreaker tackle one of Philip's earliest and greatest pieces. Recorded live in excellent sound, (live is the only way to go with such a tranceful work; it just wouldn't come across with overdubbing, imo). In some ways this is quite faithful to the original 1971 recording and in some ways it's obviously 35 years later. Is there a reason to have two versions of this piece? I guess it depends on whether or not you are someone who owns multiple versions of great classical pieces to compare and enjoy the differences. This is a very contemporary but also very great classical piece!

"Icebreaker's newest release, Philip Glass' Music with Changing Parts is representative of an exciting new generation's interest in one of the most important composers of our time. Icebreaker is considered by many to be the United Kingdom's leading new music ensemble. The 13-piece group, which tours extensively, has been an active champion of many of today's most important composers. Philip Glass' 1970 score Music with Changing Parts has been part of the group's touring repertoire for years. This recording brings a vivid-reimagining and fresh interpretation to one of Glass' greatest scores. Music with Changing Parts marked a turning point in Glass' career, and contains many characteristics of the composer's breakthrough works of the 1970's including Music in 12 Parts and Einstein on the Beach. Icebreaker's performance can be placed firmly placed in the virtuoso chamber tradition established by the original Philip Glass Ensemble."
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