Ichiyanagi, Toshi/Michael Ranta/Takehisa Kosugi - Improvisation, 1975

"Originally released on the Iskra label in 1975, Improvisation Sep. 1975 is a mind-bending slice of drone improv from two of Japan's post-war heavyweights; former John Cage student, Juilliard graduate, and Yoko Ono's former husband, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Takehisa Kosugi, considered by many to be the father of what some called "Japanese Krautrock," and Stockhausen percussionist Michael Ranta. Heavy layers of reverbed ring modulators, threaded vocals, melodicas, pianos, violins, gongs and Japanese biwas and shamisens combine to elevate the improvisations into the region of Krautrock and in particular, courtesy of Ranta, into post-Stockhausen-inspired rock à la Amon Düül. An extremely rare and highly important album which bridges the gap between the likes of Taj Mahal Travellers and industrial giants Nurse With Wound. Digitally remastered, numbered limited edition of 1,000 copies only in a unique LP-replica card wallet. Includes a Japanese lyric sheet insert."
"...a rare and very collectable LP. Essential for anyone into avant improv or Fluxus artists."-Inconstant Sol blog
"...with nowhere to run and no one to hide behind each sound made by each performer takes on a huge sense of the moment and even renders the gaps interesting."-Julian Cope, Japrocksampler
  • LabelPhoenix
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