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"In 1980, Ilitch mastermind Thierry M�ller released his second LP, 10 Suicides, on the French imprint S.C.O.P.A. Unlike his debut Periodikmindtrouble (also available from Superior Viaduct), which featured intricately layered instrumentals, 10 Suicides explores a more art-damaged pop sensibility. While distorted guitars and atmospheric synth workouts remain a part of M�ller's signature sound, several songs credit the mysterious Ruth Ellyeri, who was not an actual person, but rather M�ller's female alter-ego. Opening track 'Elle Voulait Que Je Sois Dr�le' shows Ilitch's new direction with overloaded vocoders, driving Moog basslines and soft, Eno-like melodic flourishes. The androgynous vocals on 'Waiting For Mabelle (Je Ne Viendrais Pas)' resemble an upbeat Gregorian chant bent through a 20th Century lens. 10 Suicides is a staggeringly personal album that still sounds years ahead of its time.

This first-time vinyl reissue comes with 16-page booklet and is recommended for fans of Gh�dalia Tazart�s, Chris & Cosey and Monoton.
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