Impossible Gentlemen - The Impossible Gentlemen

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"Imagine guitarist Pat Metheny's trio masterpiece, Day Trip (Nonesuch, 2007), add a pianist of commensurate genius, and you are banging on the disc's front door. It is that good."—Chris May, All About Jazz

"The Impossible Gentleman, featuring internationally acclaimed British piano sensation Gwilym Simcock, Salford guitarist and UK treasure Mike Walker and American bass and drums superstars Steve Swallow and Adam Nussbaum, is nothing less than remarkable with four unique international headliners, coming together to create something new and powerful. Critics and audiences alike raved about the band's mini-tour last spring. Here then is the result of that inspired meeting."

"This is one of the most exceptional albums I've heard in the last year. Very fresh, bursting with creative ideas, outstanding musicianship, but never dissonant or "difficult." Truly timeless music, written and performed by masters with big ears and chops to burn. Never less than musical and exhilarating. Fans of Metheny as well as Holdsworth and Earthworks will drool over this one."
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