Inner City Unit - Passout (expanded) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“I originally had this on vinyl - a signed copy no less - when I was still heavily into Hawkwind and had yet to appreciate 'New Wave' and 'Punk' so I listened to it a few times then sold it. But now, 30 years later, I can now appreciate the fun quality of this and other ICU releases. Having seen Nik Turner live in the past few years I have come to love his showmanship and ability to play all sorts of music. This is a gem.
New Wave, Ska, Psychedelia and the Bonanza and Z cars theme music...all in one album! ICU were formed by Nik Turner post his first stint with Hawkwind and after his Xinitoday album with Egyptian style ambience. Typical new wave vocals ie :- barely singing, weird songs.. eg "Space Invaders", "Solitary Astrid" and craziest of the lot "Amyl Nitrate".
Add 2 Hawkwind covers "Brainstorm" done in a new wave/ska style (I kid you not!) whereas "Master of the Universe" sounds like a new wave band pretending to be Hawkwind. "Watching the Grass Grow" does also sound like Hawkwind...and Hawkwind did the number live when Turner rejoined them for a couple of years in the 80's!
"Fallout" and "Nuclear Waste" are angry new wave environmental protest songs with psychedelic tones. Ok so the production is raw , but this album is so wonderfully eclectic and full of energy it deserves cult status.”-RYM
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