Into The Open - Destination Eternity

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“Destination Eternity” is a concept album about the journey of a soul to its final destination. Like the painting perfectly symbolizes the disaster at sea and the beautiful song written about it, “The Source” also symbolizes live and death and becoming a better soul along that journey.

“The origins of Into The Open can be traced to two specific musicians: Jan Willem Ketelaers and Sander Heerings, who got together to bring a story to life via a concept album. The story, in true prog style, is a rather beautiful one, as it tells of the journey of a soul to its final destination. It’s deep, surprisingly emotional and expertly constructed, as evidenced by the flow of ‘Destination Eternity’ from start to finish.
For those in the know, Jan Willem Ketelaers is the lead vocalist for Dutch neo-prog band Knight Area, whilst Sander Heerings is probably better know for his work with The Dust Connection and Wane Of Summer. I’m a big fan of The Dust Connection and so the revelation that Into The Open also features the talents of drummer Robert Spaninks and guitarist Martijn Balsters, is a very welcome one indeed. Into The Open are then completed by guitarist Ronald Martens (Up The Irons) and bassist Frank Strokap (Symphonic Rock Night). However, the name-dropping doesn’t end there as Into The Open have invited a few guest musicians to embellish the record in their own inimitable fashion, including guitarist Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged, Ayreon) and violinist Kim de Beer (Symphonica in Rosso).
...I’ve said it many times before but one of the biggest thrills for me is to discover a new band from out of nowhere that blows me away. Into The Open is one of these discoveries and I have to congratulate all concerned with creating such an incredibly diverse, interesting and beautiful album. ‘Destination Eternity’ comes with my highest recommendation and must be heard by everyone with a love for quality progressive music; it’s masterful.”-MOMM
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