Invincible Czars - Gods of Convenience

Really good and unique wacky rock band with a lot of normal as well as abnormal influences from Texas. The band is a quintet consisting of trumpet/vocals, keyboards/vocals, guitar/vocals, bass/vocals and drums. To give you an idea of their breadth, they've performed with Melt Banana, Dysrhythmia, Barbez and NoMeansNo, and in addition to their many originals, they cover or have covered tracks by Iron Maiden, Metallica, Roy Orbison, Gary New and Tchaikovsky. "The Invincible Czars make music. Good music. Really good music. No, really. Music that fuses Eastern European folk idioms with classical arrangements, heavy metal waltzes with jazz grooves in weird time signatures and country shuffles with circusy polkas. Music that bounces off of reference points as far removed from each other as NoMeansNo and Tchaikovsky, Mr. Bungle and Ennio Morricone, Iron Maiden and the Grateful Dead. In 2004, The Invincible Czars arranged and performed their modernized version of Tchaichovsky's holiday classic The Nutcracker Suite. The group continued their re-arrangement of the classics in October 2005 when they debuted their versions of A Night on Bald Mountain (Mussorgsky) and Erlkonig (Schubert.) In 2005 the band self-released a studio recording of the Suite and performed it alongside avante-garde dance troupe Wicked Cricket Theatre..."
  • LabelAbove Suspicion
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