Ishikawa, Akira / Count Buffalo - Uganda: Dawn of African Rock vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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"Ishikawa Akira & Count Buffalo's Uganda: Afurikan Rokku no Yoake originally saw the light of day on February 5th, 1972 on Toshiba Records as part of their '4 Channel Q.M. Sound' series but quickly sank into the depths obscurity, making that only a handful of copies were actually sold while the remaining stock was withdrawn due to very depressing sales and eventually melted down and destroyed. The disc remained a well kept secret for all these years and only a small circle of die-hard music lovers have ever seen an actual original copy, making it these days one of the most treasured and hunted down Japanese rock artifacts.
Still, rumors as to who were the actual performers on the album floated around freely since the group was simply listed as Count Buffalo with no detailed breakdown of who actually played on the album, and as a result, there has been much fevered speculation over the years. Therefore, Tiliqua Records thought it wise to release this sonic gem properly -- they hunted down the license, unraveled the legal entanglements, acquired access to the original mastertapes and subsequently also took on the quest to track down the actual players involved. So now, with this fully-authorized reissue, we can finally reveal the full line-up or the key players involved and add some insight into the record's background, thanks to the kind participation of Uganda's composer, Mr. Muraoka Takeru. Musically speaking, Ishikawa Akira & Count Buffalo's Uganda - Afurikan Rokku no Yoake is a vicious psychedelic whirlwind monster of a disc where primitive Afro-spiritual and tribal ethnic percussive blow-outs cross-pollinate with lysergic New Rock fuzz-a-delic dementia, stirring up enough dust and boulders like two-barreled guns coming out of the demon hole. Still, Uganda is more than just that, and although it is deceptively intense, it is simultaneously casual in feel yet meticulous in its musical detail and lyrical economy. And seen in retrospect, I can now proclaim that this album stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the best records of that golden era, and it was one of Japan's 1970s underground scene's defining moments. In short. it is a totally lethal slide that does not fail to create an arresting listening experience."
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