Isildurs Bane / Peter Hammill - In Amazonia

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"Isildurs Bane, Sweden’s premier chamber-rock ensemble is proud to announce the release of their latest studio album, In Amazonia.
A collaboration with the legendary Van Der Graaf Generator singer and acclaimed solo artist, Peter Hammill, who sings throughout the album, it is a bold, brilliant statement that marries Isildurs Bane’s reputation for imaginative risk-taking music composed by keyboardist Mats Johansson and the voice and incisive lyrics of progressive music’s most enduring and uncompromising legends.
The seeds of this collaboration happened when Hammill guested at the band’s annual IB EXPO in 2017, an event where artists from all around the world are invited to come and work together for a week and then present a special one-off concert.
Having previously collaborated with Marillion’s Steve Hogarth on 2017’s Colours Not Found In Nature, Johansson was keen to see if another vocalist he respected would be interested to work with the ensemble.
“Working with Peter for that concert was so special I wondered whether it would be possible to create something new together”, says IB’s Mats Johansson who has been with Isildurs Bane since the mid-1970s and has led the band who now have thirteen albums under their belt. “I had roughly four albums' worth of material on my computer and on notes jotted down on paper. Most of it was abstract, but workable”, says Mats. “Peter’s is such a unique voice and he’s a fine composer in his own right I worried that he might not consider it worth his while to work together on an album.”
Hammill, who has thirty-eight studio albums in a solo back catalogue that dates back to 1971, was more than interested when Johansson made contact. “After a delightful experience at the IB Expo event in Halmstad in November 2017 I was really pleased to get to the chance to work with the band again, this time on a recording project.”
Hammill discovered that Johansson’s writing was already at an advanced stage when he opened the files. “Though highly structured it wasn't immediately clear where, or whether, conventional vocal verses and choruses might fit. That’s a good thing of course,” says Hammill.
A key ingredient within the album is the musical and instrumental reach of the ensemble. Alongside Johansson’s keyboards, the core group consists of Katrine Amsler – keyboards & electronics,Klas Assarsson – marimba, vibraphone, percussion, Luca Calabrese – trumpet, Axel Croné – bass, woodwinds, Samuel Hällkvist – guitar, Jan Severinsson – sound engineer, Kjell Severinsson – drums, Liesbeth Lambrecht – violin/viola."
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