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Isn't - Deep Ocean Inside

SKU 09-SUBLIME072005
Nice, unassuming, instrumental, psychedelic space-rock and beyond release by this two guitarists (+ loops/samples/ electronics/etc.) and bass and drums. "Isn't is the name of the band. The quartet was born when Pino Dieni and Luca Formentini met, both of them guitarists, both of them able to dig deeper with their instruments, just looking for all the ways a guitar can sound, instead of the usual language the most of guitarists want their guitars speak. Among the 9 tracks of "Deep ocean inside" you would find electrified explosions a l David Torn, as well as dreamy sequences bringing to mind some David Sylvian and Robert Fripp's lessons. But even many more things you can fully consider Isn't's own "Deep ocean inside" is surprising as for its sonic impact as for the band's will of enlarge the vision. Yet experimenting, Isn't don't lose either warmth nor feeling. "Deep ocean inside" is an astonishing debut both for its great sounding impact and the will of generating something unusual. A record that, with no doubt, will please to everyone pretending from music not only emotions, but ready to accept the challenge coming from the bravest musicians. [Sublime]
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