Ithaca - A Game For All Who Know (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is a very famous rarity. It is a little bit overhyped, but aren’t they all and it's still a really good album.

"1972 UK private pressing megararity from the same band that made Agincourt two years earlier. Classic ethereal Pink Floyd influenced psych-folk gem is available for the first time taken from the original master tapes and has previously unreleased bonus tracks. Sixteen-page booklet comes complete with lengthy band history, lyrics, and rare photos. A beautiful trippy album with lovely female vocals sounding glorious in a dreamy setting."

“A really great British folk-psych album. More British psych than British folk, it's has an ethereal mood throughout (a comparison could be made to Emtidi's 'Saat'). It definitely does sound like an early-70s Belle and Sebastian in a number of parts, and has a pop DIY charm and male-female vocals that make it reminiscent of the Vaselines in some of those parts too.
The strongest evocation it had for me though was 'More'-era Pink Floyd. It's really dominated by echoey, phase-y male vocals in melancholy, dreamy psychedelia.”-rateyourmusic
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