Jack Dupon - La Republique Dominicale du Zoo CD

After way too long away, Jack Dupon is back with their seventh album. The group are a vocals / 2 guitar / bass and drums quartet and are most definitely a rock outfit and even a 'psychedelic' rock outfit in the most NON retro way of psychedelia.
All their albums are musically strong and tight (they perform constantly) and they all rock hard, using the simplest of rock instrumentations, while still being extremely interesting and progressive-minded. They don't actually sound anything like them, but like early Gong and early Etron Fou (among others), they strongly keep alive the flame of rock and French surrealism! A band who has NEVER let me down!

“Double sided trampoline, LRDDZ is a giant lemur contained in an electric egg. Five sleepwalking onomatopoeias, crosswords shouted over a slow, sandy storm. A blur before going to bed, curtains for a good sleep and salted candies used as toothpaste.
This album is the emblem of music for reptilian-neanderthal brains, a tangle of ease, bad smells, and audacity freely traversed by chickens, bunches of goats and nonchalant sheep. Essential for dancing, in our bodies and in our heads!”
  • LabelLa Boite a Malice
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