Jack O' The Clock - Repetitions Of The Old City - II CD

The sixth album by JOTC and, well, I keep saying this about each of their releases, but they've really knocked it out of the park with this one. I don't know how to describe something like "Miracle Car Wash" as anything other than...well...miraculous.
If avant-progressive that doesn't sound like any other band playing avant-progressive is your thing, then this is absolutely your thing. Hugely recommended.

"Jack of the Clock just seem to go from strength to strength, one of the most original and compelling groups I know playing some amazing compositions that seem to tread effortlessly between Van Dyke Parks and folk music from an as yet unidentified culture, while making all the things you've always thought of as difficult sound as effortless and natural as breathing.” -FRED FRITH

"[The] compositions and the ensemble playing is beautiful, confident and perhaps even a bit heavier than what we’re used to [with the band's earlier work]. Fantastic balance of songs and moods, and no shortage of raw soul and emotional power. How can I describe these guys? Maybe what would happen if you threw ‘Heavy Horses’ era Tull and Roy Harper into a blender with a dash of Henry Cow and a pinch of ‘English Settlement’ era XTC. In other words - You don’t want to miss this!"-IAN BEABOUT, Deep Cuts

"...presents a fine lesson on what it means to write songs that are at once approachable and human while simultaneously being incredibly profound in terms of timbre, depth of emotion, and harmonic complexity,"-Progulator.

Damon Waitkus - vocals, acoustic, electric, baritone and piccolo guitars, hammer dulcimers, banjo, mandolin, ukelin, keyboards, guzheng, flute, percussion, wine glasses, field recordings
Emily Packard - violin, baritone violin, viola, melodica, car horn
Kate McLoughlin - bassoon, vocals, recorder, car horn
Jason Hoopes - bass, voice, piano guts, car horn
Jordan Glenn - drums, percussion, vibraphone, marimba, bells, melodica, car horn
Thea Kelley - vocals
Ivor Holloway - tenor saxophone, clarinet
Art Elliot - pipe organ on track 1
Darren Johnston - trumpet on track 2
Dave McNally - piano blizzard on track 2
Sarah Whitley - samples on track 2
Cory Wright - clarinet on track 8

  • LabelJOTC
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