Jackson, David / René van Commenée - Keep Your Lane CD

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“Van Der Graaf Generator’s David Jackson keeps on ‘trucking’ with percussionist & producer René van Commenée. The album includes a new instrumental recreation and orchestration of 'Pioneers over c' the Van der Graaf Generator (VdGG) classic track from the 1970’s album ‘H to He Who Am The Only One’. Now titled 'Pioneers over c, 2023’ is a homage to that elusive track that was only ever been played live once. It features the virtuoso Colin Edwin on bass (Porcupine Tree).
The two artists have known each other for many years, often collaborating on gigs. This new recording is the duo’s first studio album that began during the covid lockdown. In the course of reviewing some previously laid down musical pieces David Jackson began re-working arrangements and orchestration – developing new ideas with René the project brought together two formidable virtuosos. Commenée began adding new production ideas and new parts from his astonishing collection of instruments. That collaboration blends their individual talents into a soundscape of overlaying styles and tempos capturing jazz vibes rock and folk.
Keep Your Lane was originally just the working title for the album but has proved to be the perfect title for the pair who were both professional drivers earlier in their careers! Their collaboration reflects why Jackson’s musical input was such an intrinsic part of Van der Graaf Generator – and shows that his creativity and inspirations still has even more to offer.”
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