Jade Warrior - Now

"Retaining the spirit of adventure from the band's Vertigo years and the sheer beauty and audacity of their Island albums, NOW eloquently brings Jade Warrior into the 21st Century with an album of beautifully crafted songs and extreme dynamics."

"Jade Warrior, for unjustifiable reasons, have been and remain one of the Best Kept Secrets in the annals of Progressive Rock, World Music, Jazz Fusion, New Age, & Avant-Garde/Experimental Music. They deserve SO much more in the way of international exposure & accolades from the music community; and we who love their music can only hope that the world finally, eventually takes notice of their utterly unique, hypnotic hybrid of music that, to say the very least, has an other-worldly feel to it. I've sometimes wondered what distant, glowing green planet Jon Field, Glyn Havard, & the late, grea tTony Duhig came from! We who've followed their music over the years have been long anticipating the release of this, their newest recording...and speaking for myself, I can state with a definite degree of certainty that long-time fans of the Warrior will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. My first impression is WOW, VERY good, Jade Warrior is back! This is an uber-cool, very well-produced & well-executed album & one that I think Tony Duhig would be very proud of...I can envision him in Heaven saying, "Good job, chaps." The engineering is also top-notch--every instrument on here (especially the drums) sounds great. I could not recommend this more highly--a VERY worthy addition to Jade Warrior's already impressive library of music. Is sure to appeal to fans of progrock, jazz, & lovers of avant-garde & experimental music."-Douglas Vencill
  • LabelWind Weaver
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