Jade Warrior - Waves CD

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Jade Warrior were a UK band who released three albums on Vertigo and then the band semi fell apart and all they were left with was a duo of Jon Field (alto/concert/Japanese flutes, organ, piano, percussion) and Tony Duhig (electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, organ, piano, percussion), using guests as needed, but tackling the majority of the music by themselves. Taking this adversity as a challenge, they managed to get in the good graces of Island Records owner Chris Blackwell, who gave them unlimited studio time, and they released four tremendous albums for the label between 1974-1978, of which Waves was the second. Steve Winwood (of Traffic), who recommended the band to Island, appears here on performing all of the piano and moog solos! These new editions are remastered from the original stereo master tapes and feature extensive and informative liner notes, deluxe packaging and fully restored artwork! All four of the albums that they recorded for Island are extremely original, instrumental albums with Oriental and many other world-music influences, from a time when that was very uncommon & distinctive. Their sound is instantly recognizable, and they made better use of dynamics than almost any other band; this was a big problem in the old vinyl days, but these releases were made for CD! Highly, highly recommended; this is one progressive rock band whose stuff is simply timeless, because it was so far ahead of its time!
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