Jaivas - Alturas de Macchu Picchu En Concierto + bonus

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Los Jaivas are a Chilean musical phenomenon. Founded in 1963, they are best known for their album Alturas De Macchu Picchu, from 1981 which fuses Chilean folkmusic with progressive rock. I saw them in September, 2005 at a huge outdoor place, and they were actually introduced as "progressive rock legends" in Spanish and English, so no one can accuse them of trying to distance themselves from their proggy past! It was amazing to be surrounded by 90% Chileans, all of whom seemed like they were going to explode with pride and happiness at seeing their 'homies', and watching everyone sing along with all these progressive rock-type tunes and they did the entire album really well, even 25 years later!

"The complete original album live,recorded at Teatro Providencia November 1998, plus 5 live bonus tracks (Teatro Monumental, May 2000). Direct from the master tapes. Complete 16-page booklet with lyrics, discography, history of the band, photos. 80 minutes! Bonus tracks : Tarka y Ocarina (instrumental master progressive song from 1976) + Takirari del puerto + Cancion del sur + Mamalluca (with orchestra) + Presentacion. A masterpiece, never before on CD! Seeing Los Jaivas playing live is an experience not to be missed, especially for those who are natives of Chile. In case you have not had the opportunity to do so, this live album captures to the full extent possible, the energy and mysticism that is a hallmark of the band, probably the most important in the history of Chilean music."

Like I said, Chileans bursting with pride over their homies!

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