James White and the Blacks - Off White

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The second of the two full length albums recorded by White/Chance's original (and greatest) band (and their only recordings, except for the tracks on No New York). For pure adrenalin, Buy Contortions has this beat, but I think I like this one a little more.

"Thanks to the support of ZE records and visionary fan president Michael Zilkha, James got to make his really primitive disco album, just as he had made the sick debut Buy the Contortions. These records not only had the sound, they had the attitude perfect packaging and a murderously post-chic atmosphere. They were the revolution, whether one realized it or not. The Contortions was the first chic death fashion Pop art band since the Velvet Underground, and it sounded better than if Iggy had gone to Julliard."-Glenn O'Brien.

"For Off White, James Chance, a veteran of New York's avant-garde 'no wave' scene, recast his seminal band the Contortions as a parody of a soul band, albeit one incorporating the rhythms of disco and funk rather than R&B. Thus, Chance became James White (as a nod to James Brown), the Contortions became the Blacks, and his music, previously a twisted, experimental brand of avant-jazz, became a disco/funk/free jazz hybrid. As bizarre as the fusion of Albert Ayler and Giorgio Moroder might sound, Off White works primarily because Chance commits to both sides of the music. By carefully constructing his music with such polar opposites, Chance manages to highlight how both of them have more similarities, especially in rhythm, than would appear at first listen."
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