Jansch, Bert - The River Sessions (Mega Blowout Sale)

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An extremely good, previously unknown and unheard high quality live recording from Bert in Glascow in late 1974, from a period that is not considered his best period, release wise, but a period which probably should be re-evaluated based on the recorded evidence here!

"This recording is among the most providential archival discoveries of it's era. If you are a Jansch fan you should rate this as ESSENTIAL for several reasons. For me the most compelling is that it contains perfectly executed renditions of several Jansch songs drawn from the controversial 'Charisma phase' of Bert's recording career.
The Charisma label signed Bert in 1974, just after the breakup of Pentangle. He recorded three albums for them, L.A. Turnaround, Santa Barbara Honeymoon and A Rare Conundrum. The first two, in particular, are probably Jansch's all-time least regarded releases. They featured U.S. recording sessions with over-the-top arrangements which completely overwhelmed Bert's subtle and delicate singing and playing.
Getting back to the River Sessions, songs from the above albums are performed solo and the effect is revelatory. Stone Monkey, The Blacksmith and Build a New Band are completely rehabilitated, downright vindicated, and are now ready to take their proper place in the Jansch canon."-Chris Juergens
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