Jarrett, Keith - Bye Bye Blackbird

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"Recorded within two weeks of Miles Davis's death, this CD is a direct emotional response to the trumpeter's passing from a long-established trio of his former sidemen: pianist Keith Jarrett, bassist Gary Peacock, and drummer Jack DeJohnette. "For Miles," a collective improvisation that lasts for over 18 minutes, is both the literal and figurative centerpiece of the CD, a performance that seems to struggle toward a profound and somber expression. Otherwise it's a varied program, as much celebration of Davis's inspiration as lament, as it moves from the title standard, closely associated with Davis, to Oliver Nelson's seldom-played "Butch and Butch." Jarrett's playing is tightly focused, whether laconic and melodic or swinging with gusto, but it's very much a trio of equals, with DeJohnette offering constantly shifting accents and cymbal color and Peacock providing an original melodic voice as well as fluid and authoritative propulsion."-Stuart Broomer

Keith Jarrett piano
Gary Peacock bass
Jack DeJohnette drums
  • LabelECM
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