Jean Louis - Morse

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The second album by this great, surprising, energetic, unknown and totally great French trio. Why did they choose the name "Jean Louis", when no one in the band has that name? I can't tell you. I can tell you that the band consists of Aymeric Avice : trumpet, slide trumpet, Joachim Florent : double bass, guitar, Francesco Pastacaldi : drums, and Aymeric uses many boxes and devices on his horn, giving him a sound way, way beyond a trumpet/bass/drums trio sound - veering into smeary electronics with tasteful noise elements added, while Joachim and and Francesco play a hard-driving beat that still remains 'jazz'. Is it jazz? Is it jazz-rock? Is it electronica-jazz? I dunno, but it stomps and rocks and swings and takes no prisoners and you should definitely check it out. Their first album was one of the great 'out of nowhere' releases of the last few years and this second is possibly even better and adds some new elements to the mix. This comes in a great package; a little, silk-screened metal film cannister, ala PIL's "Metal Box", but CD-sized! Highly recommended.
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