Jefferson Airplane - At Golden Gate Park (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is an authorized issue of a recording of the concert given on May 7, 1969 by Jefferson Airplane at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This concert was popularly bootlegged several times and this is the first time it has been officially released. It is a very, very good audience tape for the time period and shows the band at home in front of their hometown crowd and enjoying themselves.
While there are repeats from Bless It's Pointed Little Head, this has more later period Jefferson Airplane, most notably the Volunteers material being performed about 5 months before that album's release.

“And now we have our heroes performing a few hundred yards from their newly acquired home on Fulton Street in early 1969. 'Volunteers' was in the making at the time and the band were taking the opportunity as they so often did to preview material they were working on in the studio. The sound quality is very reasonable and both Slick and Balin are in fine form vocally - in fact unusually, Grace provides the vocals for 'Good Shepherd'.The instrumental passages are extended in keeping with the vogue at the time and of course no two Airplane live interpretations of the same song were ever quite the same.
One word of warning however - although 'Mexico' (recorded as a single a year later) is announced by Kantner there seems to to be some delay and indecisiveness - and having been tantalised for a the best part of a minute by the expectation that we are going to hear a very early version of this gem, we then have our hopes dashed. Instead we are treated to an absolutely stunning version of an uncredited '3/5 Of A Mile In IO Seconds' This little anomaly really should have been sorted out by the record company. But please do not be deterred - if you love the Airplane and their fascinating history, then you will love this.”-J.L. Ward
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