Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers (expanded) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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While there were other albums released under the Jefferson Airplane name, this is really the final album by the classic band. The five bonus tracks are fantastic, recorded live in November, 1969 at the Filmore East!

"This is Jefferson Airplane at its peak, political and trippy, at the end of the Sixties. Before their legendary squabbles would, finally, make them implode, they managed one last great album, and here it is. Each of them seem to have hit their stride, Kantner's writing -which predominates here- has achieved a new maturity, Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Cassady play together like one -which is no surprise given that Hot Tuna will be next for both of them- and Slick and Balin sing their hearts out. This is a document - a masterpiece, really - of the Rock being written and played in California at the turn of that decade, while Vietnam raged and Haight Ashbury was beginning to fall apart. Whether it's the anthemic "We Can Be Together" or the tender Folk of "Good Shepperd," the fierce "Volunteers" or their evocative rendition of David Crosby's "Wooden Ships," this is vintage Airplane. Regarding this reissue's worth, I must say that the remastering has done its job, it enhanced the original rather than destroyed it. As far as the extra tracks are concerned there has been a number of strong opinions about them, prior to my review. If you are on the sentimental side, you are likely to find them a major plus, if you are not, you might still like them or, worse comes to worst, you can program only the ten original album songs. This is music when young people were convinced that their music could make the world a peaceful place. Listen to it ... who knows, you may feel that way too."-Juan Mobili
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