Jenkins, Johnny - Blessed Blues (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Johnny Jenkins is a blues/soul singer from the Macon GA area. He did a classic album in early 1970's called Ton Ton Macoute. That album originally started as a Duane Allman solo project that was dropped. Jenkins came in and laid vocals and some guitar over the Duane Allman guitar arrangements. So he had one of the all time great guitar players as his bandleader, in effect and that was a very good album.
2 1/2 decades later comes the followup. Duane, of course, is long gone but Gregg is still around as are other members of the Allman Brothers Band and they give a lot of back-up help on this one. Jenkins does a soul/blues blend and his work by himself is good - 3 stars and when he gets the Allmans support, it is very good - 4 1/2 stars. Fans of Southern blues like ZZ Hill and of course fans of the Allman Brothers will enjoy this.”-K. Cooper
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