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Jody Grind was an early British progressive / proto-progressive quartet who recorded two excellent albums in 1969/1970 for Transatlantic. This is their 2nd.

"By the beginning of 1970, Jody Grind had settled to a new line up of Tim Hinkley, guitarist and vocalist Bernie Holland and drummer Pete Gavin. Recorded in the early months of 1970, the band’s second album, “Far Canal” was a fine work. The quality of material such as ‘We’ve Had It’, ‘Jump Bed Jed’ and ‘Bath Sister’ was outstanding. Another highlight was the excellent Hammond organ led environmental protest “Plastic Shit” (recorded The Roundhouse at the beginning of the year. Augmented by other fine material such as ‘Vegetable Oblivion’, ‘Red Worms and Lice’ and ‘Ballad for Bridget’ (featuring Hinkley on vibraphone), “Far Canal” is a true “lost” gem from the heady days of British Progressive / Underground Rock."
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