Johnson, Chuck - Balsams CD

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"Glitterbeat's instrumental music imprint tak:til, is undertaking an exciting label partnership with VDSQ Records, the acclaimed US based label specializing in "21st Century Guitar"."

"I saw Chuck Johnson perform about a year and a half ago and he was really teriffic. He was doing the post John Fahey thing, except he was doing it on an electric guitar (not just an electric guitar, but a Fender Telecaster) and making it work and carefully also using pedals to give what he was doing it's own flavor and bite.
This new one is really different from what I saw, but it's of equal quality and guitar heads will enjoy another release from what seems to be a pretty endless seam of great, innovative guitarists.

"On this expressive and singular new album, Chuck Johnson gives his steel pedal guitar the starring role, and creates a kind of country post-rock. It feels like a universe unto itself." --Pitchfork (8.1)

"Chuck Johnson often writes for solo acoustic guitar, but lately has been stretching his ambient composition skills with the tenderness heard throughout his discography. For Balsams, he layers loops of pedal steel guitar that rest on the edge of dusk, just when the tumult of day subsides and seeps into the soul's reflection." --NPR (Best Music of 2017)

"Chuck Johnson's pedal steel guitar debut delivers a group of pieces for ambient meditation. Recorded in a single two-week session during late 2015, and subsequently arranged/constructed/treated in the studio in spring of 2016, Balsams is awash in layers of tonal perfection. The album constantly evolves while maintaining a unified approach across both sides. Balsams is a record that lives outside genre and time, one that continues to develop with each successive deep listen. A unique expansion in the VDSQ catalog, Balsams is an album created in the hopes of providing solace and regenerative energies for many years to come."
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